Lucius Lanstein


WS:29+15 BS:23+20 S:27+10 T:36+10 Ag:36+15 Int:30+20 Per:37+20 WP:39+3+20 Fel:28+20
Skills: Speak Lang (Ship Dialect)(Int); Navigation (Stellar); Pilot (Spaceship)(Ag); Speak Lang (Low Gothic)(Int); Literacy(Int); Trade(Copyist)(Int); Common Lore (Imperium); Scholastic Lore(Legend);

Talents: Melee Weapon Training (Universal); Light Sleeper; Sprint;


Lucius Lanstein, Inquisitor of Ordo Hereticus leads our Warband
Born on a Warship, came to the employ of his mentor Inquisitor Lord Andus Lex during the declaration of extermis upon the hive world Helicon 6.

“In the Darkness, follow the light of Terra” +3WP

He rose throughout the ranks of Andus Lex’s warband, and upon the promotion of Inquisitor Andus to Lord Protector of Ordo Hereticus for the subsector Calixsus, Lucius was raised to Inquisitor and given his own Rosette.

Inquisitor Lanstein prefers cooley plans most operations before sending his warband into action utilizing

Lucius Lanstein

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